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Levenblog is an open source, web standards compliant, blog engine built on ASP.NET MVC.
Lastest Release(2.0.12):

What this is

This is a single-user simple blog engine written using ASP.NET MVC, and is designed with a few main goals:
  1. Multi-database support, the default provision of the driver sqlite3 and sqlserver
  2. Be skin design, offers a variety of skin
  3. Can be configured Url Routing, flexible configuration by the user program Url
  4. Full Background Configuration Support
  5. Advanced search support, providing the title and tag search
  6. Full support for RSS2.0, ATOM1.0
  7. TrackBack secure support

Infomation of this

  1. You can visit to obtain the help of a number of installation and configuration information, but now they were only in Chinese
  2. By transplanted a number of third-party skin, you can visit to obtain

About the author

The author is one. Net developer, you can visit the to understand the author and the latest information on levenblog

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